TTASA Circuit Racing Practice 1 2021

TTASA Circuit Racing Practice 1 2021

With young drivers progressing to Circuit Racing and a hopeful new Spec Miata class being announced, TTASA held a subdued but enthusiastic circuit track practice day due to Covid restrictions. 

Those restrictions meant that only five GP1, two GP2 and five Spec Miata class cars were in attendance. Three student drivers in Nikhil Nanan, Roger Mohammed and Narish Gertiesingh, all  future drivers, the latter two on the  Mileage Mack Miata Team, got much needed seat time to build their skill in their machines. The Boodrams were also in attendance with their GP4 Subaru Impreza driven by Frankie Boodram. grandson Zachary and son Franklyn with the Renault Megane and RS01 respectively and Bridget Singh in piloting her Radical for this day of track practice and shakedown. 

The five Spec Miata’s which make up less than half of the eventual field for this class were in various stages of development. Some were complete, while others are still working on suspension and drivetrain. This trackday would have given them great insight into the work that is still needed to be up to scratch with the rest of the field.

Cars were  grouped according to class and allowed to practice at their own pace throughout the day. The safety marshals also had an opportunity to get some hands-on practice, having come out of a day of training on Saturday. The Timing marshals also had the opportunity to set up the circuit timing system and give competitors their times which is critical when testing and tuning outside of actual competition.

By mid-afternoon, all cars had had at least two sessions with 8 laps or more and Race Officials noted there seems to be a growing friendly rivalry between the GP1 class and the new Miata Class. Fastest timed Miata of the day driven by Justin Wortman putting down a 46.973s lap time and fastest timed GP2 was Marc Gill with a 44.179s.

TTASA has been working on ways in which to bring the action to the spectators who physically cannot be at Wallerfield on race days due to Covid restrictions. A live stream test was also done from the control tower thanks to TSS. The live stream was also tested on TriniTuner. Announcers Rae Smith and Luke De Nobriga ensured viewers were well informed. There are plans to build on this collaboration with other stakeholders and bring live racing to the spectators at home and abroad.

GP1 drivers were Aaron Achan EG Civic, Brandon Singh EK Civic, Darrel Singh EK Civic, Arvin Singh EK Civic. GP2 drivers Marc Gill EK Civic and Amir Mohammed EK Civic. Miata drivers included Michael Ross, Jason Ross, Ravi Singh and Christian Bourne, the Wortman Team of Ronald, Justin and Scott. 

With enthusiastic drivers clamouring for some action, later in the afternoon three 8 lap practice races were held with a combined Miata, GP1 and GP2 grid for the first two races. Then a handicap race to end the practice session. 

Marc Gill went on to win the first race for GP2 followed by Amir Mohammed. GP1 results were Brandon Singh in first place followed by Darrel Singh and then Aaron Achan bringing up the rear. 

For the Miatas, it was Justin Wortman in first place , followed by Jason Ross and Christian Bourne.

No GP2 cars took part in the second race. Brandon Singh placed first, followed by Darrel Singh in an epic battle where Brandon only got the better of Darrel in the last lap. Of the three Miatas competing in this race, Ravi Singh  placed first, followed by Jason Ross and Christian Bourne.

In the 3rd and final race of this muted practice session, Zachary Boodram was invited to compete in his Megane under handicap rules. He started a full lap down from all competitors and still managed to pass the complete field to be back on the finishing lap in 5th position overall. This race was won by Darrel Singh followed by Brandon Singh. For the Miatas in this handicapped race, Ravi Singh retained first position followed by Ronald Wortman and Jason Ross.

No racing incidents occurred for the day and the practice session ended at 6pm.

You can view the lap times here

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