TTASA Circuit Racing Test & Tune Shakedown

TTASA Circuit Racing Test & Tune Shakedown

The Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sport Association held their second event in their Return to Motorsport Campaign, following the COVID-19 lock down on Sunday 12th July, 2020.

Many avid racers came out in their various classes such as circuit, time attack and bikes to get the much needed seat time, to reacquaint themselves with the Frankie Boodram Wallerfield International Raceway.

Throughout the day each competitor were allowed to 30-40min stints to test their cars in their various classes, return to pits and tweak as necessary and return to the track to compare lap times.

Many drivers pushed themselves to lower their times during the day, drivers such as Zachary Boodram, managing low 40s lap times as he officially pilots the Renault Megane for the remainder of the 2020 season. Also making an appearance was Ravi Singh’s obnoxiously loud RX-7, as he got in the groove.

Singh went on to win the Handicap race at the end of the day. This Handicap race combines all competitors of various classes, with staggered start times in a manner such that they all meet each other for a competitive final lap. Brandon Singh managed a brilliant second place followed by Franklyn Boodram making up the top three. Aamir Mohammed placed fourth maintaining steady lap times with 5th place out of five going to Aaron Achan as the other drivers did not finish. Unfortunately during this race, one driver took a bad line and while trying to correct it made contact with a tyre wall, the driver remained unharmed with minimal damages to the vehicle.

Click here for the timing results for this event

The Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sport Association, thanks all staff and competitors for making this event possible during this period.

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