TTASA Drag Racing Championship 2019 FINALE!

TTASA Drag Racing Championship 2019 FINALE!

Overwhelming, that about sums it up.

Event staff for the sixth and final round of the 2019 Drag Racing Championship, were left ultimately surprised when exactly 107 competitors showed up to the Wallerfield International Raceway on Sunday 24th November, 2019. Paired with a bank full spectators on the pit side, and an even larger number in the general stands meant that Round 6 was the LARGEST Drag Racing event since the Wallerfield International Raceway became the permanent home for motorsport in Trinidad and Tobago. Recognizing this feat, the weather decided to oblige and provide amazing racing conditions all day long.

Similar to previous events, track prep started from as early as the Wednesday before the event, this time it was significantly easier, with a new sprayer from Lube-tech Sales and Services, to apply the track bite compound. This sprayer allowed a wider path to be covered with the VP Racing Fuels Lane Choice 7 track adhesive.

As expected with this level of track preparation, many drivers and riders were able to accomplish new personal best times. To name a few were Joshua Lewis out of Grenada with a 8.8s run in his Mitsubishi Evo 3, All Out Performance 8.5s in the Nissan S13, and a 8.545s run by Garvin Gomez on his Kawasaki, to be the fastest local bike time.

Competition started off in the 13s bracket, and it was top qualifier Christopher Charles, who also went on to win the bracket, followed by Ryan Seepersad and Ian Grant, the winner of Rounds 4 and 5.

Twelve second bracket saw Cecil Mooloo, round 5 winner take top honours once again in his Subaru and scoring valuable championship points, for his second event. Followed by Tobago’s Kevon Samuel also in his Subaru for second and Allison Gajadhar in third with the Mitsubishi Evo 9. Nicholas Mooloo, son of Cecil with a perfect 12.0 run to take top qualifier.

Also back at his second event was Alistair Rahamut, taking the win in 11s. Alvin Harrylal and Samuel Weekes in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Crowd favourite Jason “Tiny” Williams, in the top qualifier position with a 11.015s pass.

For the first time in competition for 2019, the 11s, 10s and OPEN bracket had a Ladder of 16 for competition, as compared to the usual ladder of 8. The 10s bracket, saw Junior Phillips at the top again, followed by Garvey Joseph and Geron Archer. Top qualifier to Junior Phillips with a time of 10.0s.

The 9s bracket, saw top qualifier, Khemraj “Turbo Rav” Persad at the top with a time of 9.0s, followed by Junior Phillips and Michael Toby.

It was Dale Mayers in the Rugrat Rail with a time of 8.0s as top qualifier and 1st place winner, followed by Bhola Lalee and Miguel R. Pustam.

On two wheels Sharaz Hosein took the win, followed by Stefon Christopher and Reguel Wilson. Top Qualifier to Shawn Briggs with a time of 10.29s.

The 9s bracket saw intense competition especially between the Astor brothers, but in the end it was Kyle with the top qualifier and a 3rd place finish with a time of 9.181s.

Open class saw Garvin Gomez reset his local record with a personal best time of 8.545s, also claiming the first place win. Followed by Robert Seepaul and Mark Ramoutar with his personal best of 8.87s to take 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sport Association (TTASA) would like to thank all competitors, spectators, sponsors, event staff and coordinators, for making the sixth and final round of competition successful.

Special thanks to Motul, VP Racing Fuels, Meguiars,, Garage Fresh, SafeTec Ltd., IRP Fire and Safety, Trinidad and Tobago Security Services, Ministry of Sport, Scales and Weighing Equipment Services Ltd and also Richard Plant Rentals, for all the support for the 2019 series.

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