TTASA National Race of Champions 1

TTASA National Race of Champions 1

The first round of the National Race of Champions, was held at the Wallerfield International Raceway on Sunday 17th February, 2019. A lower than anticipated competitor turn out forced Race Director of the day, Ryan Peyrau, to combine the circuit racing groups since individual groups were not constituted. The event consisted of two races per group- Group1, Group 2, Groups 3+4 combined, Bikes, Time Attack and Radicals.

The low competitor turnout meant that qualifying was facilitated before the start of the event, as opposed to being held on the Saturday. The first session of competition started with the Time Attack groups, where the battle of the EK civics occurred between Moses Moonsie and Shiva Maharaj, Moonsie taking the win with a time of 49.355s and Maharaj a time of 49.471s. The second time attack session rendered similar results this time Moonsie entered the 48s range with a time of 48.892s.

Following Time Attack, it was Group 2 to bring the Circuit Racing action as Isa Deen and Arvin Singh fought for the top spot, but Isa emerged victorious, Singh in second and Keeva Seegobin in third. Race 2 saw similar results, this time Saleem Deen, brother of Isa took third.

Onto two wheels, both races saw familiar faces on the podium as Kiel Abraham took first, Nicholas Gonzales and Jamaul Thompson in second and third respectively. The fastest bike time of the day went to Kiel Abraham with a time of 42.135s. A fall from Arthurton George in race one meant his day was over early as his bike sustained great damage, though he walked away unharmed.

Back in the cars for Group 1, Saleem Deen took another podium in the first race, leaving Aslim Ali and Darrel Singh behind in second and third. The second race saw Ali and Deen trade positions, while Singh remained in third.

The combined Groups 3+4 race saw the likes of Ronald Wortman (Honda Civic), Kristian Boodoosingh (Honda Civic), Franklyn Boodram (Renault Megane) and TTASA President Fyzool Madan (Audi DTM). Race one was action packed from the get go as Boodoosingh and Boodram battled for the first place, unfortunately a mechanical failure on Boodoosingh’s Honda, caused him to run off into the bottom corner, ending his day. Boodoosingh left unharmed. The race ended with Boodram in first, Wortman in second and Madan in third.


The second race unfortunately lasted less than a lap as carnage occurred in the top corner at the start of the race due to contact between Madan and Boodram. The incident caused Boodram’s Megane to roll multiple times, the driver sustained only a fractured wrist but was taken to the health facility for further observation.

The final races between the Radicals, a recent addition to the local motorsport itinerary, saw Isa Deen for another podium in both races- Zachary Boodram and Ravi Singh for second and third. The second race saw Ravi Singh in second and Fyzool Madan in third- Deen remained in first.

Final Results:

Fastest Circuit Car – Kristian Boodoosingh – 39.89s
Fastest Radical – Isa Deen – 38.51s
Fastest Bike – Kiel Abraham – 42.135s

Group 1 2 3 4 Bikes Radicals TA Street TA Street Mod TA Track Mod
1st Place Saleem Deen Isa Deen Ronald Wortman Franklyn Boodram Kiel Abraham Isa Deen Larry Rampersadsingh Moses Moonsie Christopher Kahadar
2nd Place Aslim Ali Arvin Singh Fyzool Madan Nicholas Gonzales Ravi Singh Saed Rahimulla Shiva Maharaj Mayank Ramlakhan
Third Place Darrel Singh Saleem Deen Keeva Seegobin Jamaul Thompson Zachary Boodram Deosaran G.Singh Hayden Harrison Javed Deen

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