TTASA x TTDA Drift Practice and Shakedown #1 for 2021

TTASA x TTDA Drift Practice and Shakedown #1 for 2021

Lockdown more than shakedown. Back in October 2020 we reported that motor racing was given the go-ahead to have small practice events under the slightly relaxed Covid-19 lockdown restrictions set last year. TTASA has been cooperating with the Ministries of Health and of Sport along with the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation to restart motor racing at the Wallerfield International Raceway. The limits still remain for these practice events, no spectators are allowed and all protocols have to be followed.

TTASA and the affiliated T&T Drift Association teamed up last weekend to have a scaled-down shakedown event. This allowed for new drivers that never drifted at Wallerfield before to get a feel for the track and to get some training. Seasoned drivers also participated and assisted with the training. Both were able to test their vehicles and equipment and tune any recent mods they made. 

We spoke to TTASA’s Treasurer Roger Hutcheon who is also the representative for Drifting on the TTASA management team. He explained that “This event we were able to have new drivers come out and practise in a safe and controlled environment with trained marshals. We saw the talent of these new drivers and were able to offer some training. We also saw existing drivers coming back out with their freshly tuned machines”. He went on to say ” It looks like once we have the necessary permissions we can restart competition events in the coming months. We can have both Pro 1 and Pro 2 events. Pro 1 being the top level, most advanced drivers and then Pro 2 would be the intermediate and beginner class”. He reported that the shakedown ran very well and there were no incidents or accidents despite drivers not being able to practice their craft for quite some time now due to Covid.

The goal is to push the sport while maintaining the necessary guidelines. The hope is to have smaller events but also be able to live stream so spectators can view from home. TriniTuner has been working on live streaming motor racing events at Wallerfield and should have this feature up and running soon, hopefully in time for the start of a Championship for 2021.

Our photographer Matthew Downes captured some of the action at the small shakedown event:

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