TTASA Xtra Plaza Motorsport Exhibition

TTASA Xtra Plaza Motorsport Exhibition

In the past few years, the Wallerfield International Raceway has seen something of a rebirth, as TTASA has made strides to revitalize motorsport and secure a permanent home for all forms of racing. Getting the word out has been challenging however, and many people do not realize how advanced local racing cars have become.

To remedy this issue, TTASA has embarked on a series of public exhibitions geared toward showing the public what they have been missing. On Wednesday March 20, the parking area outside Starbucks in Xtra Plaza in Chaguanas was the latest stage for a display of amazing circuit and drag racing cars, as well as a couple of Rotax go-karts.

For the next four days, thousands of people were treated to an exhibition of circuit cars, including a pair of Radicals, which are British purpose-built open cockpit racing cars. On the drag racing side, Sheldon Bissessar had his new Motul sponsored Spitzer Dragster on display, fresh off his record setting 7.1 second quarter mile time. Boost factory had their Nissan S14 beast on display as well. The two-wheel contingent was also well represented with a pair of drag racing bikes, one being Gavin Gomez- in his recently refurbished GarageFresh sponsored Kawasaki.


On Friday night, the car park was transformed to a full blown car show. The Rocket-Bunny shod Nissan GTR of GarageFresh fame was joined by Lancer Evolutions, Subaru Impreza STIs, among a host of JDM treats and classics.

The common sentiment among most of the viewing public was ‘WOW, I never knew we had these kinds of racing cars in the country!’.

As TTASA continues to market motorsport, it looks like the glory days of Wallerfield are yet to come! Join us for the next circuit racing event on Sunday 31st, March 2019.

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