TTDA Drift Motion 2: 28.June.15

TTDA Drift Motion 2: 28.June.15

TTDA Drift Motion: A Different Kind of Sunday Service

I will never stop being amazed by the ethos of local drifting. The bonds formed, friendships made and eventually the brotherhood forged amongst the drifters is by far the most inspiring aspects of coming out to photograph a drift event. Personally I believe the piccong amongst the drivers is admirable, it’s quite uncommon to see it on this level at other motorsport events. Thick skin, warm hearts and open arms that in my book is what brings these drivers together- so close that they form their own committee and host their own events, such as Drift Motion- Volume 2 to be specific.


So there I was at the Arima Race Club Car Park on Sunday 28th June, 2015 while most of you reading this were still in bed making the best of those Z’s or just plain out “ducking” Sunday Mass in your own unique way. I must admit (with my equipment wellbeing aside) I was whole heartedly longing for the rain to fall, I mean what is all this slide without slip? But we don’t always get what we want, c’est la vie.


As all other events hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Drift Association (TTDA) this was split into three aspects: Training, Practice and Competition. Shifting a gear up and taking a step forward the Association was able to gain the sponsorship of Carib Beer to better improve the quality of the prizes awarded at the event and just because Carib sponsor the event doh be an imps and equate that to drinking and driving eh.


Although the venue layout is the same as the previous events the actual drifting course was changed to a somewhat technical medium paced layout. Meanwhile the training and practice farms, stayed the same- plain and simple yet effective. At around 3pm the competition began with the single entry drift where 12 competitors took single passes while trying to hit all four clipping points. Then onto the best tandem drift- 4 teams, each consisting of  a pair of drivers made their way through the course together while both cars tried hitting the clipping points.


Best single entry drift: Ricardo Singh (White Nissan A31)
Best Two Man Tandem: Heerah Manorath (Japspeed C33) and Reagan Birbal (Switched cars).
Most Smoke: Heerah Manorath (Japspeed C33), however this prize was not awarded to Heerah due to indiscipline on the course. Easy come, easy go.

TTDA would like to thank all their sponsors (Carib Beer, Meguiars Car Care Products, VP Racing Fuels, Total Lubricants, Sharma’s Tyre Service, Pat and Max Ltd, Trinituner, Autosport), supporters, competitors, media personel, TTPS, Red Cross Ambulance Services, Trini Marshalls, their guest judge-Misha Luke and the others who help made the event possible.


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