TTDA Drift Motion 3: 08.Aug.15

TTDA Drift Motion 3: 08.Aug.15

Foggin’ it up at Wallerfield

The Trinidad and Tobago Drift Association (TTDA) hosted their 3rd instalment of the Drift Motion series at the FB Wallerfield International Raceway on the 30th August, 2015. Boasting an ideal drifting surface the recently paved tarmac presented the Association with a stepping stone to bigger and badda events in the near future- forward ever, backward never.


Running a tight schedule the day proceeded with usual antics of a Drift Motion event- trainees in a corner, and the more experienced drivers were given the chance to run the competition course- a tricky loop consisting of tight transitions and multiple clipping points.


Unfortunately the beloved tandem was excluded from competition, but dare not exclude it from the day’s fun runs.


Competition consisted of two categories: entry level and advanced. Each competitor was given a practice run followed by two competition runs where they were judged based on entry speed, clipping points, angles and overall impression by the judges. Filling the judging positions were current Suzuki Challenge Series driver Ryan Peyrau, motorsport enthusiast Rawle Murrell and fellow drifter Venus Miller. Judging the event may have been a bit harder than actually competing as some competitors tied for points and had to do tiebreaker runs which ended up with just a point separating winner and loser.


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