TTKA Karting #5

TTKA Karting #5

Article by Reza Ali

TTKA Race #5 was held at its usual location the ARC car park, but this was as far as familiarities went. From early in the morning racers, pit crews and event organizers alike had to face torrential rain, there were even concerns if the event would even take place. Luckily the rain eased up with some intermittent light showers occurring during the evening.

Due to the extreme track conditions there was no qualifying session and drivers had to line up on the grid according to there current position in their respective championships.  This was not the only delay as the heavy down pour cause a lot of standing water to pool on what is considered the “back straight” of the track, the decision was made to alter that part of the track to create a safer track for the competitors.

First up was the MiniMax Group, Jonmycal Sant seemed to have an extra sharpness to his driving and the rain didn’t seem to slow him, however an unfortunate race incident in Heat #1 where Enrique De Leon seemed to have opened the door, at the hairpin section of the track, for Jonmycal and he tried to capitalize on it but it resulted in a collision.Jonmycal was disqualified for that heat but he gathered his wits and won Heat #3 and placed 2nd overall. Enrique De Leon came 1st over all wining Heat 1 and heat 2. Frankie Boodram had a challenging day but all things considered this was his first outing on the track with a wet set up on his Kart,he placed 3rd overall.

Aamir Mohammed in the Rotax Junior Class swept the day with all 3 race wins, His driving was exceptional and even though he took a commanding lead he never let up on his commitment and his consistent lap times. Tye Carrington placed 2nd overall, it seemed as though he was plagued by a variety of issues on the day.

Mathew Phillips gave a dominant display in the Cadet class winning two of the three races and he is showing that he is on the rise. Rossi Lochan impressed the crowd by winning the final heat, this was even more surprising considering that this was also his first outing in the wet

In the 100cc class Christopher Sukhbir took another 3rd place on the podium, his persistence and consistency are paying off. Che Carrington came 2nd on the podium with signs of him becoming more competent with his Zanardi chassis, he is still almost a full second off the leaders pace which might indicate that freshening up his engine might be in order for the mid season break. Taking 1st place was Shane Pinheiro wining all three heats. The class of this driver was shown in Heat #2 when the grid was reversed, with the element of rain Shane showed maturity in his patient build up, picking off each driver one at a time instead of making a risky maneuver and trying to dart to the front at the start of the race, He continues to excel.

Gerrard Carrington had a nightmare race day. Having to deal with fueling issues and water ingress resulting in the exhaust popping, he only managed 3rd place on the podium. In 2nd place was Clyde Supersad coming second in all three heats. The experienced Ryan Peyreau smelt blood in the water as he saw Gerrard having problems and attacked the jugular, snatching wins in all his heats. This was a commanding performance and we hope that he returns at the next event because Gerrard must want pay back as defeat is a GIANT pill to swallow. This class is shaping up for some real excitement as the season progresses.

In Rotax International returning to the top of the podium was Bridgette Singh from team RaceTech wining Heat 1 and heat 3. In second place was Brandon Singh who also won heat 2. Third place was Kristian Boodoosingh. This was a tight group with little room for error. In the final race for the day the track was drying slightly, this prompted some drivers to opt for dry tires while others not wanting to risk it stuck with wet tires, hoping for rain to resume. The rain never fell and those on wet tires were overheating them and they were desperately looking for wet patches on the track to cool them down to regain traction. There was a lot of over taking except for Bridgette who started and finished the race from the front.
All this action from Race Meet #5 is going to boil over into Race Meet #6 where the track will run in an anti clockwise direction. Will it rain again or will the sun show up, who knows??? . All that is certain is that on the 1st July the  ARC car-park will transform it self in to a race track and the drivers will try to find the limits of their machines, some will push past there threshold to find themselves either brushed to the side or standing high above the others on the podium.

Motorsport Fans will you be there?

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