TTKA Karting Finals 2012 at Brian Lara Stadium

TTKA Karting Finals 2012 at Brian Lara Stadium

Written by Reza Ali

The final event was held at the Brian Lara Stadium Tarouba and the course laid out was a fast flowing sequence of fast left handed corners into even faster right handers.

Bridgette Singh put in a masterful drive to clinch the 2012 TTKA Rotax International Championship. It was a tough battle for the entire season and she had to fight off her male counter parts, the closest competitor being Kristian Boodoosingh.

Kristian seemed ready to snatch the Championship away from Bridgette by setting the fastest time in qualifying to attain pole position. However an unfortunate off in the final race resulted in a broken brake rotor and loosing a much needed podium finish – more on that later.

Even Though Bridgette and Kristian were all set to battle for the coveted Championship, it was Marcus Skinner (999) in his Gulf Lubricants sponsored kart and Reza Ali (111) in his D.S. Movers sponsored chassis that had the race pace. Marcus won heat #1 and Heat #3 while Reza placed 1st in heat #2. Both Marcus and Reza seemed to have their karts dialed in, both battling for fastest lap times which was eventually snatched by Reza in the final heat.

The last race was nothing short of nail biting and that kept eveyone to the edge of their seats. Marcus made clean get away and used the open track and clean air to his advantage , Bridgette was close behind for a while followed even closer by Reza and Kristian. Trailing was Mathew Crisp and Wesley Nandoo. Kristian and Reza had some close battles overtaking one another a few times but the battle and the Championship was over for Kristian as he encountered brake failure in the 8 lap, which sent him air borne after the long straight away and luckily he came to a halt with no injuries.

In the end Marcus Skinner placed 1st , Bridgette Singh came second and Reza Ali in 3rd. The Final Championship Standings are Bridgete Singh followed by Kristian Boodoosingh and 3rd place is Marcus Skinner.

This was a really close Championship and we look forward to a revitalized season in 2013 , with new competitors entering the fray.

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