TTKA Karting Event #2 2019

TTKA Karting Event #2 2019

The Trinidad and Tobago Karting Association returned to the Wallerfield International Raceway on Sunday 14th April, 2019 for the second round of the 2019 Championship. Thankfully the weather held up nicely throughout the race event as the three classes Sportsman, Rotax International and Sportsman Masters battled on the Raceway, already fighting for Championship points.

In Sportsman, Rossi Lochan took home the overall first place prize as he managed two victories and a second place in his three races. Followed by Jonathan Aqui who suffered multiple issues throughout the day, yet still managed to capture the overall second place. In third it was newcomer Liam Bartlett as he traded places through the day, eventually getting the better of Lochan and Aqui in the final race.

Rotax International saw the most competitors for the day and a lot of places being traded through the races, in the end it was Christopher Ramnauth, Justyn Kanta Persad and Justin Wortman, to take the top 3 places overall. The trio traded podium places throughout each of the third race. Round 3, should definitely shake up the points for this class!

In the Sportsman Masters,  familiar face, Ronald Wortman stood high on the podium as he snagged the first place overall, after two victories in the three races- second place in the other. Followed by Michael Bernard and Anthony Shaw, new contenders for the recent addition of this class. Stay tuned for more, Round 3 carded for Sunday 19th May, 2019.


Race 1: 1st Rossi Lochan (277), 2nd Jonathan Aqui (462), 3rd Siddique Mohammed (99), DNF Liam Bartlet (69)
Race 2: 1st Rossi Lochan (277), 2nd Liam Bartlet (69), 3rd Jonathan Aqui (462), DNS Siddique Mohammed (99)
Race 3: 1st Liam Bartlet (69), 2nd Rossi Lochan (277), 3rd Jonathan Aqui (462), 4th Siddique Mohammed (99)
Overall results: 1st Rossi Lochan (277), 2nd Jonathan Aqui (462), 3rd Liam Bartlet (69)

Rotax International

Race 1: 1st Justin Wortman (421), 2nd Christopher Ramnauth (865), 3rd Justyn Kanta Persad (917), 4th Nikhil Nanan (30), 5th Anil Singh (27), DNF Matthew Singh (775), DNF Dillon Ali (163)
Race 2: 1st Christopher Ramnauth (865), 2nd Matthew Singh (775), 3rd Justin Wortman (421), 4th Justyn Kanta Persad (917), 5th Dillon Ali (163), 6th Nikhil Nanan (30), 7th Anil Singh (27)
Race 3: 1st Justyn Kanta Persad (917), 2nd Matthew Singh (775), 3rd Christopher Ramnauth (865), 4th Justin Wortman (421), 5th Nikhil Nanan (30), 6th Anil Singh (27), DNF Dillon Ali
Overall Results: 1st Christopher Ramnauth (865), 2nd Justyn Kanta Persad (917), 3rd Justin Wortman (421)

Sportsman Masters

Race 1: 1st Anthony Shaw (315), 2nd Ronald Wortman (47), 3rd Michael Bernard (44), 4th Nicholas Gomes (101), 5th Brent Russell (130), 6th Mark Bartlet (69), DNF Barry Rostant (14), DNF Glenn Wortman (121)
Race 2: 1st Ronald Wortman (47), 2nd Anthony Shaw (315), 3rd Michael Bernard (44), 4th Nicholas Gomes (101), 5th Brent Russell (130), 6th Glenn Wortman (121), DNS Mark Bartlet (69), DNS Barry Rostant (14)
Race 3: 1st Ronald Wortman (47), 2nd Michael Bernard (44), 3rd Brent Russell (130), 4th Nicholas Gomes (101), DNF Anthony Shaw (315), DNF Barry Rostant (14), DNS Mike Bartlet (69), DNS Glenn Wortman (121)
Overall results: 1st Ronald Wortman (47), 2nd Michael Bernard (44), 3rd Anthony Shaw (315)

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