TTKA Karting Event #2 2024

TTKA Karting Event #2 2024

Karting competitors, their teams, families, supporters and members of the public headed to the Frankie Boodram Wallerfield International Raceway on Sunday the 3rd March for Event #2 of the TTKA’s 2024 Championship. 

After a successful Saturday practise for seasoned competitors and rookies alike to get some seat time and to dial in their equipment, Sunday saw dry and sunny weather conditions. Race Director, Scott Sheppard was in charge of the day’s proceedings. Also in the control tower with him was Sheldon Lai Leung, Timekeeper and Scorer. Rossi Lochan was back to assist as the Grid Marshall and was ably assisted by Kasey Ramoutar who stepped in to lend a hand with the scales since Mr. Rajkumar was out with illness. Krishna Ingraham II was Starter for the day.

Once again there was free wifi in the Paddock courtesy GarageFresh which enabled live timing for the day. 

LO206 Cadets qualifying was up first. Rookie Jonathan Charan topped the timesheet with a 44.667s followed by his younger brother Ethan, also a rookie, who qualified with a 45.104s. Kiran Bhimsingh clocked at 47.200s with Nialan Seecharan Jr. and Christian Phillip setting a 48.966s and 50.637s respectively. As it was their first event, the Officials took the usual course to have the Charan brothers start at the back of the grid, notwithstanding their performance in qualifying.

In LO206 Sportsman, Matias Morton-Gittens, returning from illness, pipped Luke Chong-Ashing for pole with a 39.232s. Luke put down a best time of 39.248s. In the third spot in just his second event was young Abhishek Ramdeen with an impressive 39.905s. In 4th was Jadon Walcott, also in impressive form with a 39.959s. Lars Newallo was next with a 40.283s followed by Bradley Froehlich with a 40.410s. In 7th was Jayden Ali with a 41.480s followed by Varin Bhimsingh with a 41.746s and Shania Persad with a 43.698s. Zaakery Ali was unable to post a time as he had an issue with his seat which couldn’t be resolved by the end of the qualifying session so he would start at the back of the grid.

In Rotax Mini Max, Marc Chong-Ashing effortlessly made it to pole with a 36.217s. He was followed by Axl Garcia doing a 36.467s. Reinaldo Naipaul with just behind Axl with a 36.477s. 

In LO206 Masters, Aran Sharma, stepping away from CSEC mocks and into the Class for this Event, took pole with 38.577s. He was followed closely by Brandon Singh who set a 38.802s. Joshua Deonarinesingh was in third with a 39.576s. Stocklyn Phillip took 4th with 40.832s with Shivir Mahabir right behind him with a 40.922s. Aaron Achan set a very reasonable 44.267s on only his second day in a kart to put him in 6th ahead of Vaughn Maharaj who set a 44.632s even though he was having a few mechanical challenges. 

Rotax Senior Max was last up for qualifying. Benjamin Mahon made it look easy by setting a 33.928s to easily take pole. Alex Kiran Sharma secured 2nd place in the starting order with 34.300s. Naomi Garcia took the 3rd spot with a 34.323s and Adam Mustapha took 4th with 34.900s. Jonathon Aqui and Christian Gajadhar were out for this Event. 

With things running a little behind, the Officials opted to take the lunch break so that everyone could recharge a bit before the Heats commenced. Each class runs a total of 3 races on the day, 2 Heats and a Final.

The Cadets were out first and, as before ,the Officials opted to do standing starts for this Class. Heat 1 saw Nialan Seecharan Jnr. make a great start followed closely by Kiran Bhimsingh and Christian Phillips. On the second lap Ethan Charan found form straight away and got up to first. Johnathan Charan managed to get up to 2nd place by lap 3 and never challenged his younger brother for the win. There was some excitement behind them however between Nialan and Kiran with the latter making a charge to in lap 6 to finish 3rd. Nialan finished 4th and Christian 5th. 

In Heat 2, it was Johnathan who settled into a good rhythm to get around everyone to take his first win. Ethan took second. As in Heat 1, the real battle was between Nialan and Kiran and as before, Kiran made a late charge to take 3rd place but not without Nialan putting up a good fight and making Kiran work hard for it. Christian’s pace started to develop in this Heat as well.

In the Final, there was drama at the finish line when Ethan Charan, after leading for most of the race, came to a stop prematurely to claim his chequered flag only to have his brother pass him for the win. Lesson learnt and it’s clear there’s going to be many more opportunities for him to wave the black and white. Kiran had no challengers for 3rd and Christian capitalized on some mechanical issues Nialan was having to take 4th. 

In Sportsman Heat 1, Matias Morton-Gittens saw off a late charge by Luke Chong-Ashing to take his first win in karting. Lars held on to P3 for the entire race. Zaakery Ali, who started at the back of the grid cut through the rookies and was up into 4th by Lap 10 and finished in that position. Abhishek topped the rookies in this race and did his best to hold off “Zaak” but experience counts. Bradley Froehlich had a good race almost dipping into the 39s as did Jayden Ali. They finished 6th and 7th respectively. Varin Bhimsingh and Shania Persad continued to gain some seat time and did not challenge the midpack. Jadon Walcott had an off in the early part of the race which put him out. Kudos to Jadon for his quick thinking by getting his kart safely off the track before other competitors could come through. 

In Heat 2, the reverse grid, Luke managed to get away well and cleared the mid pack early and was up to P1 by lap 4. Matias set a fastest lap of 38.595s in the final attempt to catch Luke but he had to settle for P2. Zaakery drove like a beast getting faster and faster as the race progressed and took P3. Lars put in a solid drive and even dipped into the 38s on the final lap eating almost half a second into the gap to in front. Finishing in 5th was Bradley Froehlich who held on to P2 in the early part of the race inching ever closer to the 39s. Jadon Walcott flexed his muscles with a drive from 10th to finish P6. Varin Bhimsingh showed signs of things to come by putting in a good drive to finish 7th. Abishek was running well but got tangled with a barrier in lap 10 which set him back for a P8 finish. Shania rounded off the finishing order and Jayden was a DNF.   

The Final saw a Red Flag come out after Abhishek suffered a big off coming out of the front chicane. We were all glad to hear he suffered no injuries and special thanks to Dr. Val Bhimsingh for being on hand to assist the ambulance staff. Unfortunately “Abhi’s” kart was too badly damaged to be repaired so he was out of the Final. On the restart Matias, Luke, Lars and Zaakery got away in that order and it stayed that way for the entire race. Matias’ win meant he was the overall winner of the Event in the Class. Jadon Walcott again put in a convincing drive to finish 5th and set a 39.216s in the process. Shania and Varin came home 6th and 7th. Bradley was unable to finish after taking on some mechanical damage and Jayden did not start the Final. 

In Rotax Mini Heat 1, Axl and Reinaldo duelled for almost the entire race only to come together in Lap 10. Marc who was within striking distance saw the opportunity and sprang into action to take the win! In Heat 2, Axl got out in front and stayed out in front to take the win. Reinaldo was hot on his heels finishing just 0.336s behind. Marc took P3. 

In the Final, Axl scored yet another win with Reinaldo finishing even closer to him. Reinaldo set the fastest times for all three races. Marc was a DNF but his early pace showed that he’s more than capable of handling “his stories” as they say.

In LO206 Masters Heat 1, Aran Sharma led from start to finish to take the win with Brandon Singh in 2nd. Their respective best laps were 1/100ths (you read that right) off with Aran doing 38.535s and Brandon doing 38.534s. Joshua Deonarinesingh came in 3rd with Stocklyn Phillip holding steady with solid driving to 4th place. Shivir Mahabir managed a respectable 5th and Vaughn Maharaj rounded the finishing order. Aaron Achan was a DNF.

In the Reverse Grid start, Brandon and Aran both got away well and Brandon set about hunting down Aran but was unable to catch him. Aran took the win, Brandon took P2. Joshua was a steady P3. Shivir, now comfortable in the 4-stroke platform took 4th place and dipped into the 39s. Stocklyn settled for 5th in this Heat. Aaron and Vaughn got all the laps in to finish in 6th and 7th. 

In the Final, Brandon chased Aran relentlessly from the start and eventually got pass him with 3 laps to the end. It was Brandon’s turn to say, “catch me if you can”. Aran went into “full send” mode…. but sent it a little too hard and got hit with a 5-second penalty from the Stewards for contact in the last lap which promoted Brandon to 1st in the Final. Joshua put in another good drive to finish 3rd in front of Stocklyn, Vaughn and Aaron. Shivir had a big off which put him out of the Final early. Brandon set fastest laps for all 3 races including an astounding 38.284s in the Final.

In Rotax Senior Heat 1, Alex Sharma got off to a good start but didn’t keep P1 for very long as the battle royale between Naomi Garcia and Ben Mahon continued where it left off from Event 1. Ben showed that he was no one-trick pony and expertly got around Naomi in lap 6 and would lead all the way to the chequered. Adam Mustapha cruised in to close the finishing order. 

In the Reverse Grid race, Naomi jumped to the lead but lost it soon after to Ben and the two of them set about attacking and defending for the rest of the Heat. They were in a class of their own. Alex and Adam finished 3rd and 4th respectively. 

In the Final, Ben was sublime. Though Naomi was always within 1s of him, she couldn’t find a way around him. It was like trying to score on Inter Milan! Ben brought it home in style with maximum points of the day and the fastest laps in all 3 races. Though Alex came within 2/10ths of the pace of P2 and P1, he simply couldn’t sustain it and settled for 3rd. Adam was off his usual pace for this event and rounded the finishing order.

The Event ended with prize giving and TTASA President, Ashton Eligon was present, as always to spectate and to assist with the prize giving. Also assisting with the prize distribution was veteran racer Silbourne Clarke. It looked like hard times hit the Rotax Minis as there was no “champagne” celebration this round. The TTKA Championship takes a break for the month of April and returns to Wallerfield on the 5th May 2024 for Event #3. Thanks to all our members and sponsors for their continued support.

TTKA Event 1: Race Classifications & Podium Results

LO206 Cadets:

Heat 1: 1st Ethan Charan (10), 2nd Jonathan Charan (12), 3rd Kiran Bhimsingh (137), 4th  Nialan Seecharan Jnr. (184), 5th Christan Phillip (50)

Heat 2: 1st Jonathan Charan (12), 2nd Ethan Charan (10), 3rd Kiran Bhimsingh (137), 4th  Nialan Seecharan Jnr. (184), 5th Christan Phillip (50)

Final: 1st Jonathan Charan (12), 2nd Ethan Charan (10), 3rd Kiran Bhimsingh (137), 4th  Christan Phillip (50), 5th Nialan Seecharan Jnr. (184)

Podum Results: 1st Ethan Charan (10), 2nd Jonathan Charan (12), 3rd Kiran Bhimsingh (137)

LO206 Sportsman:

Heat 1: 1st Matias Morton-Gittens (911), 2nd Luke Chong-Ashing (35), 3rd Lars Newallo (54), 4th Zaakery Ali (121), 5th Abhishek Ramdeen (4), 6th Bradley Froehlich (63), 7th Jayden Ali (333), 8th Varin Bhimsingh (136), 9th Shania Persad (48), DNF Jadon Walcott.

Heat 2: 1st Luke Chong-Ashing (35), 2nd Matias Morton-Gittens (911), 3rd Zaakery Ali (121), 4th Lars Newallo (54), 5th Bradley Froehlich (63), 6th Jadon Wallcott (920), 7th Varin Bhimsingh (136), 8th Abhishek Ramdeen (4), 9th Shania Persad (48), DNF Jayden Ali (333)

Final: 1st Matias Morton-Gittens (911), 2nd Luke Chong-Ashing (35), 3rd Lars Newallo (54), 4th Zaakery Ali (121), 5th Jadon Walcott (920), 6th Shania Persad (48), 7th Varin Bhimsingh (136), DNF Bradley Froehlich (63), DNF Abhishek Ramdeen (4), DNS Jayden Ali (333).

Podium Results: 1st Matias Morton-Gittens (911), 2nd Luke Chong-Ashing (35), 3rd Lars Newallo (54)

Rotax Mini Max:

Heat 1: 1st Marc Chong-Ashing (92), 2nd Axl Garcia (3), 3rd Reinaldo Naipaul (206) 

Heat 2: 1st Axl Garcia (3), 2nd Reinaldo Naipaul (206), 3rd Marc Chong-Ashing (92) 

Final: 1st Axl Garcia (3), 2nd Reinaldo Naipaul (206), DNF Marc Chong-Ashing (92) 

Podium Results: 1st Axl Garcia (3), 2nd Reinaldo Naipaul (206), 3rd Marc Chong-Ashing (92)

LO206 Masters:

Heat 1: 1st Aran Sharma (420), 2nd Brandon Singh (73), 3rd Joshua Deonarinesingh (1), 4th Stocklyn Phillip (49), 5th Shivir Mahabir (888), 6th Vaughn Maharaj (33), DNF Aaron Achan

Heat 2: 1st Aran Sharma (420), 2nd Brandon Singh (73), 3rd Joshua Deonarinesingh (1), 4th Shivir Mahabir (888), 5th Stocklyn Phillip (49), 6th Aaron Achan (950), 7th Vaughn Maharaj (33)

Final: 1st Brandon Singh (73), 2nd Aran Sharma (420), 3rd Joshua Deonarinesingh (1), 4th Stocklyn Phillip (49), 5th Vaughn Maharaj (33), 6th Aaron Achan (950), DNF Shivir Mahabir 

Podium Results: 1st Aran Sharma (420), 2nd Brandon Singh (73), 3rd Joshua Deonarinesingh (1)

Rotax Senior Max:

Heat 1: 1st Benjamin Mahon (7), 2nd Naomi Garcia (19), 3rd Alex Kiran Sharma (95), 4th Adam Mustapha (41)

Heat 2: 1st Benjamin Mahon (7), 2nd Naomi Garcia (19), 3rd Alex Kiran Sharma (95), 4th Adam Mustapha (41),

Final: 1st Benjamin Mahon (7), 2nd Naomi Garcia (19), 3rd Alex Kiran Sharma (95), 4th Adam Mustapha (41),

Podium Results: 1st Benjamin Mahon (7), 2nd Naomi Garcia (19), 3rd Alex Kiran Sharma (95)

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