TTKA Karting Event #3 2024

TTKA Karting Event #3 2024

TTKA staged its 3rd Competition Event for 2024 on 5th May 2024 at the Frankie Boodram Wallerfield International Raceway. The event saw over 30 drivers on the entry list, the largest in several years. With 15 races run over 5 classes of karts and free entry to boot, the event well-attended. 

The Race Day kicked off with scrutineering of the karts and driver safety apparel which must conform to CIK-FIA standards. Several club members including Adam Morton-Gittens, Andre Chong-Ashing, Anil Singh, Ronald Wortman and Ryan Garcia pitched in to lend a hand to speed up the scrutineering process. Following a Driver’s briefing to go over key points for the day, all classes had 15-minute warm-up sessions each to get settled in for the day ahead. A new LO206 Cadet driver, Logan Ross, joined the growing “Cadet squad” for this event and was welcomed with a big round of applause from the other drivers. That class now has 6 drivers, double the number from last year.

Race Director, Ainsley Lochan was in charge of the day’s proceedings. Also in the control tower with him was Sheldon Lai Leung, Timekeeper and Rae Smith as Steward. 

LO206 Cadets qualifying was up first. Jonathan Charan topped the timesheet with a 41.887s. His younger brother Ethan followed in second and Kiran Bhimsingh in third. Nialan Seecharan Jr., Christian Phillip and Logan Ross completed the starting grid in that order. 

LO206 Sportsman saw ten drivers taking part. Alex Sharma returned to the Class for this Event and set the quickest qualifying time of 37.431s. He was followed by Matias Morton-Gittens with a 38.219s and Luke Chong-Ashing did a 38.278s to grab P3. In 4th was Lars Newallo, also in impressive form with a 38.611s. Varin Bhimsingh who is rapidly finding form was in 5th with a 38.861s and he was followed by Abhishek Ramdeen who was right back in a kart after his big crash last race day. Next was Zaakery Ali in 7th and he was followed by Jadon Walcott in 8th. Rounding off the grid were Bradley Froehlich and Jayden Ali. 

In Rotax Mini Max, Axl Garcia spanked everyone with a 35.275s. He was followed by Marc Chong-Ashing doing a 36.016s. Reinaldo Naipaul with just behind Marc with a 36.278s. 

In the LO206 Masters, Brandon Singh took the pole with 38.385s. Joshua Deonarinesingh took P2 with 39.054s and Ronald Wortman put down a 39.279 for P3. Stocklin Philip and Anil Singh took the next 2 positions in that order and in 6th position was Kasey Ramoutar who returned to karting action after a year-long hiatus. Aaron Achan again set a very reasonable 42.767s to put him in 7th ahead of Vaughn Maharaj who has been getting the seat time in. 

Rotax Senior Max was last up for qualifying. Naomi Garcia kept the boys honest by running 32.690s to take pole position. Alex Kiran Sharma secured 2nd place in the starting order with 33.014s. Benjamin Mahon took the 3rd spot with a 33.115s and Christian Gajadhar, free from all exams, freed up on track with a very impressive 33.933s. Adam Mustapha who missed Saturday’s practise still set a respectable 34.135s. 

Following the lunch break, the Cadets were out first. The Officials opted for standing starts again for this Class. In Heat 1 Ethan Charan got an early lead which was recaptured a lap later by his older brother. Kiran Bhimsingh put in a good fight and got up to second place but Ethan retook P2 but not without Kiran hounding him for the rest of the race. Nialan Jnr. put in a composed drive and Logan and Christan settled in well and completed the race.

Heat 2, reverse grid saw some action. Kiran got away well to lead for several laps making it very hard for Johnathan, who got up to second quickly, to get past him. Johnathon eventually got around him and later on so did Ethan who had steadily worked his way up from the back row. Nialan Jnr. put in another good drive and tried hard to catch Kiran but couldn’t do it on this occasion. Logan and Christian yet again gave insight into their capability by completing this Heat. 

In the Final, Kiran capitalized on a slip by the Charan brothers and managed to get a lead however it was short-lived and Ethan took the lead with Johnathon hot on his heels. They battled for almost the full race and eventually, Johnathon got around Ethan to take the win. In the mid-pack, Kiran and Nialan Jnr. battled it out trading 3rd and 4th. At the flag, Nialan Jnr. took 3rd with Kiran 4th. Logan and Christian had an uneventful Final and successfully completed all their races of the day. 

The Sportsman Heat 1 was thrown into chaos early because of a sudden heavy downpour which led to the race being red-flagged. After a brief pause of proceedings, the grid was reset and the race started in damp conditions. Alex held his lead from start to finish. Matias lost some ground early and fell to 5th place but then set about diligently and methodically working his way up the ranks lap upon lap eventually passing Lars in the tail end of the race to capture 2nd. Lars made a great start but eventually settled for 3rd. Abhishek also started well and finished in 4th place. Bradley Froelich made a mega start from the back of the pack and ran as high as 4th place during the race. He and Varin Bhimsingh passed and repassed each other multiple times during the Heat which made for very entertaining racing. Eventually, Bradley took 5th with Varin 6th. “Zaak” was clearly having a poor run and was a DNF along with Luke, Jayden and Jadon.

In Heat 2, the reverse grid, Matias got away nicely weaving his kart neatly through the traffic to take an early lead but lost it to Alex around the mid-race. Nobody else troubled the pair and they finished in P1 and P2 by a comfortable margin. Lars made steady gains to finish in P3 and Luke finished this race in P4. Varin put in a spirited drive and was running in 3rd position for most of the race however the more experienced Luke and Lars managed to catch and pass him close to the end which netted him 5th place. Bradley didn’t get the start he hoped for and lost some ground early however he made up a few places to finish P6. Abhishek sent the crowd wild at the start of the race by taking a tight inside line to lead the opening lap. It did not stick and the more experienced drivers eventually got around him but not without a fight. Abhi finished in P7. Jayden Ali, the tallest and heaviest driver in the bunch managed P8. Zaakery finished an uncharacteristic 9th. Jadon was a DNS. 

The Final saw Alex make a clean getaway and build a commanding lead over the 20-lap race setting a best lap of 36.915s in the process. Luke Chong-Ashing who started in the mid-pack made early, steady gains to catch up to Lars who was running in second. Luke and Lars had some great battles with Luke eventually taking P2 and Lars P3. On this occasion Matias was not so fortunate and a tangle left him at the tail end. Still, showing true grit he picked off drivers lap by lap in the tail end of the race but could only manage P4 at the checkered. Bradley did well getting as high up to third in the running order put finished P5. Jayden Ali shone by showing his capability. He finished in P6 and set a 39.090s despite being 38lbs over the Class weight limit. Jadon Walcott also showed what he was capable of by running as high as fifth and finishing P7. Varin had to settle for P8 but had already showed that he was able to tussle with the more experienced drivers. Abhi had a tough race to finish P9 and Zaakery rounded off the finishing order in P10. 

In Rotax Mini Heat 1, Axl took off like a bullet and didn’t look back. He won convincingly by a margin of almost 10 seconds and set a fastest lap of 35.448s. Marc took second place with Reinaldo in P3 a further 5 seconds back. In Heat 2, reverse grid, Reinaldo managed to fend off Axl for a few laps but then Axl got around him and was gone! Marc came in 3rd. 

In the Final, Axl was gone like the wind. He carved out a lead of some 18.5 seconds by the time the chequered flag was waved stamping his authority on the class. Reinaldo and Marc had a “bouncident” and Reinaldo finished 2nd and Marc was P3.

In LO206 Masters Heat 1, Brandon Singh had a very uneventful race leading from green to the black & white. Joshua managed to keep Ronald Wortman behind him for most of the race but then Ronald made his move, getting past Joshua. They came together in the final chicane which drew the attention of the Officials. Behind them, Kasey was having a great time and a great start in this LO206 class. Those in the know will remember Kasey was previously in Rotax. In the opening laps he was up to 4th with Anil Singh hounding and eventually passing him towards the halfway point to finish 4th. Stocklyn got a bad start but made up some places on the rookies, Aaron and Vaughn, to finish 6th. Vaughn had some mechanical issues and didn’t finish this Heat.

In the Heat 2 reverse grid start, Stocklyn held an early lead for a few laps but then Brandon caught him… fact Brandon caught everyone and was well ahead by the mid-point. Joshua, who received a 3-position penalty from Heat 1, capitalized and finished in P2. Ronald clinically cut through the slower drivers and finished 3rd. Kasey must have had a big smile on his face as he got as high as P2 and eventually finished in 4th. Anil faltered but was able to recover to finish P5. Stocklyn, Aaron and Vaughn finished in that order.

In the Final, Brandon lead all the way. He finished P1. Joshua stalked Ronald for the entire race and their race was uneventful until Josh made his move to take over P2 in the final lap. Ronald took P3. Anil, Kasey Stocklyn, Aaron and Vaughn were P4-P8. The order did not change for the race.

In Rotax Senior Heat 1, Naomi got away well with Ben trailing. The pair would finish 1-2 with Ben never really challenging. Alex recovered from a poor start to finish P3. Christian showed he could hold his own by keeping pace with the others for P4 when Adam finished his race early. 

In the reverse grid race, Naomi quickly dispatched the front runners and charged ahead. It took Ben a little more time but he eventually got around the inexperienced drivers and unsuccessfully tried his best to catch the 2023 CJKAT winner. They again finished P1 and P2. Alex recovered from another poor start to finish 3rd however a push-back bumper penalty relegated him to 4th and Christian, who displayed excellent driving, to 3rd. Adam was out of this one. 

In the Final, Naomi and Ben checked out from the rest early but again Ben just could not keep pace. Naomi was ultra-consistent and hit her braking points and marks at every apex. It was a spectacular and authoritative return to form. She finished P1 by just over 5.5s with Ben settling for P2. Alex came home 3rd with Christian in 4th. Adam was missed from the grid as he headed back home to Tobago. 

Rae Smith presided over the prizegiving attended by a mass of competitors and their teams all wearing their TTKA team shirts. TTASA President, Ashton Eligon and Treasurer, Jody Ali were on hand to assist with trophy distribution. The day closed with an open track and some good ole’ talk after the day of racing. 

2024 TTKA Championship Event #3 Results

LO206 Cadet
6. 50 Christian Phillip – 20 pts
5. 171 Logan Ross – 24 pts
4. 184 Nialan Seecharan JR – 33 pts
3. 137 Kiran Bhimsingh –34 pts
2. 10 Ethan Charan – 46 pts
1. 12 Jonathan Charan – 65 pts

10. 121 Zackery Ali – 3pts 9. 920 Jadon Walcott –6pts
8. 333 Jayden Ali – 11pts
7. 04 Abhishek Ramdeen – 15pts
6. 136 Varin Bhimsingh – 17pts
5. 63 Bradley Froehlich – 25pts
4. 35 Luke Chong-Ashing – 27pts
3. 54 Lars Newallo – 37pts
2. 911 Matias Morton-Gittens – 38 pts
1. 95 Alex Kiran Sharma – 65pts

Rotax Mini Max
3. Marc Chong-Ashing – 40pts
2. 206 Reinaldo Naipaul – 43pts
1. 03 Axl Garcia – 65pts

LO206 Masters
8. 33 Vaughn Maharaj – 3pts
7. 950 Aaron Achan – 14pts
6. 49 Stocklyn Phillip – 20pts
5. 09 Kasey Ramoutar – 28pts
4. 27 Anil Singh – 30pts
3. 47 Ronald Wortman – 39pts
2. 1 Joshua Deonarinesingh – 40pts
1. 73 Brandon Singh – 65pts

Rotax Senior Max
5. 41 Adam Mustapha – 0pts
4. 194 Christian Gajadhar 32pts
3. 95 Alex Kiran Sharma – 35pts
2. 7 Benjamin Mahon – 46pts
1. 19 Naomi Garcia – 65pts

You can view the results for this event including lap charts at Speedhive

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