TTKA Karting Finale 2018

TTKA Karting Finale 2018

The Trinidad and Tobago Karting Association took to the Arima Race Club Car Park for the last time this year, and oh what a season finale it turned out to be. Coming into this final race the championship in both classes would be decided in the last race.

In the Sportsman class, Shane Sheppard had an 8 point lead over 2017 champion Scott Wortman and this led to some amazing wheel to wheel action in all three races. Scott took first blood and put his #21 Shell Lubricants sponsored kart on pole position bringing down the points gap to 6 points. Next up was Heat 1 in the first three laps of the race both Shane and Scott swapped positions a few times but with three laps to go Scott’s kart spun at the top corner and Shane took the checkered flag and the gap was back to 8 points. Or so we thought….. the marshalls came together and deemed Shane’s pass on Scott as an unfair pass and he had to give the position back to Scott. The gap is now 4 Points.

Heat 2 gets on the way and the battle resumed with both championship contenders having to start at the back since the grid was reversed. Both Siddique Mohammed and Jonathan Aqui provided much entertainment at the front as they both battled for the top spot. But in the end, both Scott and Shane were a class above the rest. They threaded there go-karts through the field and ended the heat 1st and 2nd respectively. The gap now 2 points.

The final was up next and what a race it proved to be. Scott started and pole with Shane next to him and from the drop of the green flag Scott held his position and Shane dropped to 3rd. If the race ended there Scott wins. One lap later and Shane tangles with a cone and goes spinning, and he drops to the back of the field. Everyone thought that’s it the championship is decided. But young Shane Sheppard put his head down and drove the wheels of his Go-Kart and with consistent fastest laps he found his way to 2nd place and within striking distance with 1 lap to go. But at the checkered flag, Scott Wortman took the win with Shane 2nd. The gap 0 points.

At the end of 9 events with 27 races, both Shane Sheppard and Scott Wortman ended the championship with 302 points tying for first place. Jonathan Aqui put down some mature drives keeping himself out of trouble and was able to secure the 3rd spot in the championship with Siddique Mohammed 4th and Rossi Lochan 5th.

Next on the Agenda Rotax International!!!!

Matthew Singh goes into the event with a 12 point lead over Justyn Kanta Persad. Matthew needed to consistently finish 1st or 2nd and the championship is his. Justyn, on the other hand, had to win all his races and hope Matthew sees third or worse. With 4 karts scheduled to start the event, Justyn was optimistic about his chances. In qualifying, Justyn put his Island Roofing sponsored kart on pole reducing the gap to 10. Dillon Ali came in 2nd and Matthew Singh 3rd. Unfortunately, Reza Ali had an off-track excursion that would put him out of racing for the day and gifting Dillon the opportunity for a 3rd place in the championship.

Heat 1 lined up and for 8 laps all was working in Justyn’s favour. He was leading the race comfortably with Dillon 2nd and Matthew 3rd. On lap 9 Matthew Singh took to the inside and took the 2nd spot from Dillon and the heat ended in that order. Justyn 1st, Matthew 2nd and Dillon 3rd. The gap now 8 points. In heat 2 Justyn challenged Matthew for all 15 laps but was unable to make the pivotal pass to win the heat and Matthew increased the points gap back to 10 points.

This meant that in the final race Justyn had to win and hope that for some reason Matthew doesn’t finish. Also, Dillon just has to finish and he secures the 3rd spot in the championship. Matthew and his Racetech Engineering team tightened and double checked every bolt and part on the kart to ensure a finish. Justyn attacked the course and finished a full 10 seconds ahead of the field, but Matthew secured the second position and with that the championship. But the talking point was 3rd Place Dillon Ali who came around the final corner fully sideways resulting in his kart crossing the finish line in reverse, ending the 2018 season in pure style.

Words by Dillon Ali

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