TTKA Race Day #1 2014

TTKA Race Day #1 2014

The Trinidad and Tobago Karting Association held its first championship event for this season on April 27 after several false starts during the first quarter of this year.  Track conditions were ideal as the weather was warm and sunny in east Trinidad providing ideal racing conditions for competitors at the ARC.  There were two fully subscribed classes competing but the protagonists in attendance had a wonderful day of competitive action.

The junior class was very competitive as usual with Enrique De Leon, Jonmycal Sant and Frankie Boodram providing exciting action on the brand new track laid for this new season. This track does not provide many passing opportunities but these young racers made every effort to ensure that they maximized the opportunities they created.

The always exciting International Class didn’t disappoint. Marcus Skinner was in great form putting in a creditable performance on the day and defending his position from the likes of Marc Gill and Brandon Singh who were also in great form. This event also saw the return of Carig Sumair and Mathew Crisp as well as new comers Kerry Nyeng and David Lyons. We had several competitors who came out to sample the new layout i.e. Ray Wong Doo, Gerard Carrington and Bridgette Singh and look forward to having them participate in upcoming events this season.

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