TTPMCL: International Drag Racing Meet 28/29.Nov.15

TTPMCL: International Drag Racing Meet 28/29.Nov.15

Motor sport in Trinidad and Tobago is often described by many die hard supporters in the following terms ” Drag race, drag racing, drag racers, dragsters because drag race cars and bikes” and spectators, fans, support crews et al we’re treated to a fine showing from the local and international teams this past weekend giving all ample opportunity to use the terms that we all love to hear.

The weekend’s events were expertly executed once again by the organizing committee of the Trinidad and Tobago Performance Motor Sport Company in association with the team from Auto Sport. The activities got off to a slow start on Saturday afternoon but interest and passes began to peak as the evening progressed giving competitors and supporters the ability to experience the first evening into night Drag racing event at Wallerfeild. The organizers and Race Director Ramesh Bhola were intent on completing as many of the bracket competitions as possible as several hundred passes were recorded on the evening and well into the night.


Competition was keen in all classes and some new champions emerged. Sean Luke took first place in the 15 second category with Vishal Persad coming in second. The 14 second category saw our single consistent female driver Allison Gajadhar emerging victorious, besting the likes of the veteran Brian Franco who came in second and Petram Persad who took the third spot making it safe to say that the entire field in this bracket was beaten by a girl! In the 13 second bracket we saw the emergence of a new competitor piloting car number 452 in first place with Amit Ramroop and Jason Williams coming in second and third respectively.

The evening’s activities attracted large crowds who came out to support their favorite protagonists and many were happy to see some of the crowd pleasers emerging triumphant. Navin Ganesh took first spot in the 12 second category, Rasheed Mohammed came in second and Don Ali placed third. The 11 second category presented another veteran of the sport in the person of Junior Phillips who placed first with Alvin Pillai placing second and another veteran Mookram Soomai placing third.


The Evos had a great showing on the evening with several of them putting in creditable performances in the 10 second category and even though Samuel Weeks, better know as Omar, did not compete on this occasion, two of the vehicles tuned by him battled it out for first place honors. In the end Chris Juman would take top honors while Kiran Kumar placed second, both competitors coming out of the Boostin Evos camp. This event also saw the introduction of the Evl 7, an evo owned by Robert Honore and piloted by Devin Schultz out of Chicago who built and tuned the engine while the team at Boost Factory handled the installation . Robert explained that his project is a full body awd 7 running an H pattern gear box with what is believed to be an indomitable 4g63. This project had some note worthy passes during the weekend coming from Devin who came to test the vehicle so we look forward to seeing this beast in competition in the new season. Saturday’s action also saw the likes of the ever popular Ryan Garcia turning in an 8.1 second pass and Dale Mayers making some impressive passes as well ensuring that the action would be heating up in the faster classes.


On Sunday exponents and spectators alike enjoyed beautiful weather conditions allowing for a great day of racing action. The third spot in the 10 second category was determined by the last pass of Allan Mc Intyre of Grenada driving his v8 powered Mustang and acting as a precursor of the action to come. Allan claimed the prize for the most competitive international entrant of the event. Dale Mayers continued his fine form out of Saturday’s activity with some of the most adrenaline filled passes of the day eventually seeing him becoming victorious in the 9 second class and winning a special cash prize for the best side by side pass of the day which was sponsored by Sheriff’s Auto Supplies’s Shameel Mohammed aka Shamoo and Bullet Motor Sports’s Fyzool Maddan aka Buddit. Second in the class went to Josef Subhaw of the Kingston Twelve camp who arguably had some of the best burnouts of the weekend and there was a tie for third between Richard Gardner and Gregory Salina.


The open class had its fair share of excitement as well with great passes from Rishi Kannick, Hollister Flambeau Edwards and Ryan Garcia, in the end though Ryan would continue his consistent form and take the top spot with Flambeau and Rishi placing second and third respectively. In motor bike action the usual suspects were present and accounted for and turned in very creditable performances. In the 11 second category Shiraz Hosein placed first while our lone female rider Janelle Albarado had a rough night on Saturday was able to turn in some of her best performances on Sunday taking second in this class. Shiraz being the consummate competitor was the only one to win two classes on the day placing first in the 10 second bike category as well, with Arun Lall and Aaron Mohammed rounding out the podium.


Some of the quickest passes of the day came out of the 9 second bike category with Gavin Gomez taking on all others and coming up with 9.1 second pass securing the first place. We also saw the return of Ian Atherly’s ZX 14 which was piloted on this occasion by Valmickey Dinnoo from Canada. Ian explained that he brought in the pilot / builder of the monster ZX in an effort to improve its performance and so said so done with Valmickey coming up with a best time of 8.9 seconds earning them fastest bike of the day honors

The event had more ups than downs and overall was able to provide the kind of excitement synonymous with Drag Racing. Special thanks goes to the main organizers i.e Jameer Ali, Oswald Stoute, Tony Samaroo, Riaz Ogeer and their respective support teams along with the team from Auto Sport and all of our sponsors with out whom the event would not be possible. The organizers would also like to thank all of the members of the regional drag racing fraternity for their attendance and participation as well as Ken Mohammed from the TTRC who assisted in having the foreign competitor vehicles cleared. Additionally we thank the media fraternity that covered the event and continue to support motor sport in Trinidad and Tobago. On behalf of the members of the TTPMSC we would like to thank each and every one for their continued encouragement and as we come to the end of the motor sport calendar we wish each of you all the best for the Christmas season and 2016. May we all continue working together toward the development of motor sport.


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