TTRC 2013 – Lost in Paradise

TTRC 2013 – Lost in Paradise

Penti is back..! Scotty is back…! We’re back in Bronte…! The rain stopped the event….er…what..! Yes folks, we often laugh at NASCAR and they dealings with the rain, but on this particular Sunday, it made conditions unsafe for competitors to race safely.

3 of the planned 8 stages had to be cancelled after lunch, where the rain made some corners more of a swampy slippery mush than a gravel road. That being said, guess who won…yes, it was James Betts and Jason Costelloe, again, placing one hand on this years overall trophy.

In a return after a 6 month lay-off due to work commitments, Penti came back to warm up for Rally Jamaica being held in November. He will taking his Evo 10 to contest the Grpn class and though not confirmed, he will have some of his best friends with him in the same class. Should be interesting.

Despite the weather, which at times seemed like a mini hurricane, the day passed well with no major incidents, infact, the only car to retire was the Starlet of Devi Nath with engine issues on the very first stage.

Highlights of the day, for me atleast, watching Craig Sumair flog his car all over the course, no doubt living up the Colin McRae’s mantra of “When in doubt, Flat out.!” Then of course is was Penti huge save on the final stage into finish…!

TTRC’s last event for the year is on the 19th October and will be a day into night. This should make for some interesting conditions for the teams as we don’t normally have night events during the season, Should also make for some interesting pics…!

Stay tuned….

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