TTRC Snake Bites Again

TTRC Snake Bites Again

The Trinidad and Tobago rally club held its third event for the year 2014 at the newly re-introduced and apparently, very famous, Snake rally stage located in Preysal Village, Couva. The stage brought back to life for the International Rally Trinidad event which was held just before this one and here we are again.

The weather was perfect for a jam packed day of exciting dusty high speed rally action. We saw the return of John ‘Penti’ Powell in his recently sold and brought back Shell helix Sponsored Mitsubishi evo IX group N Rally Car. We also saw the James Betts back in action after a very disappointing Rally Trinidad.

The Rally started slightly later than plan at around 9:20am. The competitors battled it out through the stages with barely any incidents throughout the day. After the lunch break, the stage was reversed and the battle continued. At the end of all the stages the TTRC prepared a special stage at the beginning of the old preysal stage with a nice big Jump for the spectors who were disappointed by the cancellation of the Saith Park special on the Sunday of Rally Trinidad. All drivers had to go through the special stage and finish in order to complete the days event. It was not timed.

The TTRC appreciation goes out always to the following people:

Our corporate sponsors
Our ever-loyal and hard-working marshals
Our event officials
Media personnel
Affiliate clubs
Service providers
Security and safety personnel

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