TTRC Strap In

TTRC Strap In

Well…’s almost the end of the season and the TTRC held a unique event aptly titled…….Strap In. And as you might guess….the Club gave the average person the chance to not only sit in a rally car…but go full tilt around a stage in the back of the Brian Lara Cricket Academy. Well not really full tilt but enough to change all your perceptions about what rallying and driving on a whole can be. And just remember…..this was all tarmac, not the usual loose gravel stages that we run, so this was easy. Most folks if not all climbed out of the cars after the runs and were all teeth.

Invited to the party were a number of drift clubs from across the country and yup… could have gotten a ride in those too…! Yeah….if yuh didn’t come…yuh real miss out. But fear not, the Club’s Finale is month end and a nut on the wheel told me that this may extend also to that event. So…Ryan’s Evo 5, Jedi’s Evo 9, Sobbie’s Subbie, Donald’s GSR Lancer, Matthew’s Evo 3 , Bobby’s Evo 6 and Ansel’s ear splitting 323 Rotary…..were some of the cars on hand where you could have felt your fears traverse your body. But the car all the car jamettes wanted to be in was Wayne’s glorious Ford Escort with Cossie power. What a sight…….what a sound. Still fresh from a rebuild and being shaken down, she was the highlight of the day. And sadly, due to the nature of the job….not even I got a ride in it. In fact, I got no rides whatsoever actually….the sacrifices I make for you’ll. One day.

Not to be left out, you could have also taken a hot seat in the drift cars during their couple runs and see what life is like staring out of the side windows to see where you’re going rather than the windshield. There was even a rally car vs drift car shootout of sort. Matthew Russell taking on Imran Khan much to the delight of the crowd and teams. The former showing good form as drifting a 4wd isn’t an easy task on a very grippy surface.

Many thanks to all the sponsors who came out. One must make a special shout out to the Junior Sammy crew who passed thru on their way to another event…..Volvo Trucks….sigh….I need a moment.

On another note, this is my last event for the TTRC this season and I would like to thank the Club, all the sponsors who came on board during the season, the Teams, Marshals, ambulance personnel who we didn’t need (thankfully), my fellow media mad men and of course all the fans. Thanks to All who passed thru all the albums and shared, like and loved.

The next event is on the 28th of this month at Wallerfield Raceway and I urge you not to miss it. There is still a championship to be settled and drivers will be giving their all to claim the top prizes.

…till next time.

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