TTUNDRA’s 1st event for 2015

TTUNDRA’s 1st event for 2015

Back with another one of those block rockin’ beats!

Hyped on their first event for 2015 on Saturday 28th February + Sunday 1st March, the Trinidad & Tobago Unified Drag Racers Association (TTUNDRA) catered for everyone- even for old guns from Wallerfield days…days before I was around. Days when Linzi belly was probably small!


Ready Racing rotary powered Sunny.

But thats not all they did, because TTUNDRA not clich├ęd, they don’t cater for one crowd, no not at all.


Wayne Gajadhar Evo VIII vs Allsion Gajadhar Evo X.

That’s why they introduced some Civil War! Evo vs Evo. By means of dial-up competition the TTUNDRA committee was able to stage Evos from all brackets into one friendly competition. Emerging from this competition:


Left-Right: Ravin Dookie(3rd), Allistair Rahamut(2nd), Wayne Gajadhar(1st).


Wayne’s teknetperformance tuned Evo XIII claiming first place while managing a new PR of 11.98s.

Video coverage by: Christian Ramnarine | SinisterAudio

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