Understanding the Vulnerability of Your High-Tech Vehicle

Understanding the Vulnerability of Your High-Tech Vehicle

Do you think that your brand new car is vulnerable to hacking? The vehicles of today are using computer technology to control almost everything in them. Also, computers are being connected to the internet more frequently for communication and remote control. Therefore, people think that cybercrime will also hit them sooner rather than later. Yoshi Kohno, who has been assessing car computers at a leading university, says that people should not panic as of now, but hackers may find a way to access vehicle computers soon. Other experts agree with his assessment.

Vehicle Technology That Is Vulnerable to Hacking

While not all components of a car computer are at risk, there are many current technologies that can be penetrated by hackers. The list of popular vehicle technologies that are at risk is here.

  •        Built-in vehicle browser – you might be streaming music and movies from the car. Some people also access social media sites from an in-dash system that is integrated with the car. But one thing to know is that you can download files with a virus that will compromise your vehicle functionality in many ways. Therefore, you may need to take all the precautions.
  •        Calling the built-in phone number – today, vehicles have the capability to call 911 or other emergency numbers when they are involved in an accident. Malicious people can access the vehicle’s telephone number and call you while impersonating an authority. According to reports, some drivers have been convinced to drive right into a trap.
  •        Locating the vehicle location through GPS – this technology is inevitable especially for fleet vehicles. In fact, the Eyeride website has been stocking the latest GPS trackers and software that use the internet to transmit data. But as they get more sophisticated, there is always the concern that they will be accessed by hackers and malicious people who want to track the vehicles.
  •        Online cameras – we have seen hackers accessing street cameras because they are connected to the internet. In the same way, they can access the high-tech vehicles that use real-time cameras that are also connected to the internet for data transmission. If you wonder why hackers want this information, you will be surprised that there are many reasons.

Preventing Vehicle Hacking

According to Yoshi Kohno, the issue of cybercrime related to vehicle computers must be addressed with immediate effect before it escalates. Soon, hackers will be targeting braking systems, lights and even the steering system. As automakers try to develop autonomous vehicles, the hackers are sharpening their skills. Imagine intending to send your cargo to one destination only to have it directed to an unknown location by hackers. These high-tech vehicles should have the capability to notify drivers that they have been compromised by hackers. For now, it is hard to tell the exact solutions, but research by IT experts is underway.


As seen from the above insights, the threat of hacking vulnerabilities in vehicle computers is an important issue. It is not yet a threat currently since no hacker can cause an accident remotely at the moment, but it may come to this point soon. Therefore, taking all the necessary precautions is very crucial.

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