Mobil / V8 Boys Car Show 2019

Mobil / V8 Boys Car Show 2019

This was the 5th big show put on by the V8 Boys, the last being in 2017 that featured Dennis Gage’s My Classic Car. This year the event was held at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy car park with MOBIL as title sponsors. As usual the layout, the security, all catered for car lovers and families who just wanted to do something different on a weekend.

The show offered cars from old school to new school. Mazdas ranging from RX2 to Rx8 both old and new were lined off. Datsun 120Y like what my dad learned to drive in were on display. Classics from the 60’s & 70’s like Bedford Trucks, CONSULS, Ford Cortinas were there; definitely made an impact on some folks and brought back memories. The looks on their faces said it all.

A Plymouth Prowler made its debut as well. This added some flair amongst the Ferrari, Nissan GTR R35, Nissan 370Z and the Corvette. Not to mention the Ford Shelby and other Mustangs that were present. These increased the excitement of the younger generation that were there. You could see them pointing and wishing that they too can have their own dream car on display. It was also paparazzi paradise. Cameras everywhere. Selfies like crazy!

The music, food, drinks and entertainment catered to each and every one there. Kids got a chance to ride a train and got to take their favourite model cars home as vendors were present with their wide range of Hot Wheel Cars.

All in all, it was an excellent show. Hard work, effort and coordination went into making it a success. Definitely looking forward to what 2020 has to offer.

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