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The Installation of your car's stereo and entertainment system is as important as the car itself if you want to enjoy your ride to the maxx. Once installed by a professional you'll hear everything clearly without the unnerving sound and distortion that comes with poor installation.
Here are some DO'S and DONT'S of car audio installation that you should keep in mind when trying to do some audio customization of your own:

The Do's & Dont's of Car Audio Installation

1) Run your RCA on one side of your vehicle and power cable on the other, this way you are less likely to have such engine noise or hiss. 1) Don't mix your power cable with your RCA wire. This may result in engine noise or hiss.
2) Always put a mainfuse or breaker in engine compartment in the event of any of your wires being ruptured or damaged. Other equipment are protected in this way. 2) Don't run power cables through firewall without grummets or snap bushing.
3) If your vehicle has a computer try to use shielded RCA cables. This assists in preventing computer generated noise. 3) Don't pass your RCA wires close to your vehicle's computer. This would pick up noise generated from the computer
4) Try and mount your amplifiers in a well ventilated area, preferably your trunk, side panels of your trunk or under your seat. 4) Don't mount your amplifiers upside down. They tend to overheat in this position.
5) Should you require an additional battery, try using a dry cell or gell cell battery- these are specially designed for audio systems. 5) Don't use acid batteries on the inside of your vehicle. This can cause lead poisoning which may cause drowsiness whilst driving.
6) Match the power with your entire system- head units/amplifiers/speakers. This gives better performance and max output of all equipment used. 6) Dont use high powered head units or amplifiers with low powered speaklers (or vice-versa). This tends to cause distortion faster than normal.
7) Always refer to the accessory chart for guage requirements to suit your system if uncertain. 7) Don't purchase JUST ANY guage wires for your system. If incorrect guage is used, this can result in loss of power or distortion of the system.
8) When mounting amplifiers use cables from 4awg up to Zero awg depending on the power of your system. 8) Don't use cables under 8awg for your power amplifier.
9) Use same brands - equipment when possible. This gives you better performa- nce and ultimately better results. 9) Don't overmix your brands when it comes to choosing equipment for your system. Some equipment work well with their own brands e.g. head unit + changer
10) Purchase equipment and security systems with serial numbers. Ask about warranty's and extended warranty's. 10) Don't purchase electronic equipment and security systems without serial numbers. They may be stolen and may not carry warranty.
11) Research, read and ask questions about the product and features to get value for you money. 11) Don't purchase equipment on an impulse !

Tips above provided by
"The Ultimate Sound & Security Experience"
Valpark Shopping Plaza

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