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Name the number one reason for trekking all the way to Trinidad's only raceway, Wallerfield, every month to see drag racing.
Article by Rawle Francis and Nebert Marin
Photography by Rawle Francis
Owner Ryan Garcia

To witness the SKF lancer in action obviously.
In local parlance, imagine a normal Mitsubishi Galant, 2000 cc engine producing over 500 hp. Close to impossible????? Not for the team at SKF Racing. The miracle boy Ryan Garcia and his team have been consistently breaking local and regional records with a 4G63 BT engine.

Though Ryan's mom is not too keen on his racing, his dad Brendan is the driving force behind the team. Their serious and professional approach to the sport is admired by many race fans and even other race teams.

Team SKF Racing is one of the best examples of the benefits of motorsport sponsorship. Not a single fan knows the car by any other name but "The SKF Lancer", a sponsor's dream come true. It is a little known fact but many of this team's fans have actually tried the sponsor's products and continue to use them. Team SKF Racing have shown just how to build a loyal fan base.

This loyalty is over 4 years old. The car was built by Daryl Gittens of Trinidad Race Products. Marc Bhikarry eventually completed the chassis work with Randy Gibbon building the engine. Today David Andrews and Randy Gibbon provide all the technical and electrical expertise.

The SKF lancer has steadily improved E.T. times over the years from 11.6 seconds to a record best of 8.943 seconds @ 146.57mph. Granted the vehicle is a record breaking machine in its own right, much of the credit must be awarded to the driver. At the most recent drag event held in Wallerfield, Ryan demonstrated to all, his supernatural driving abilities to which he credits the Frank Hawley Racing School in Pomona, California. After losing traction at the rear slicks, he was able to correct a 90 degree broad-slide 3/4 way down the strip under high boost. Ryan claims he was totally calm the entire time and was thankful to the Lord that he finally got the car through the traps safely. Employing the pedal to the metal technique, Ryan was able to successfully make the correction. If he were to simply back-off as an inexperienced driver might, his G-Force sequential gearbox would have automatically neutralized thus causing the car to lose total control.

What goals and.phpirations does Ryan have for this car? "There is always something in the works" says Ryan "but I intend to compete at 'The Battle of the Imports (USA) by 2001'."

Trinituner.com Will Be There. Stay Tuned………..

Engine Specs:

Mitsubishi 4G63 BT
2000cc DOHC 16 Valve

Head Ported by Russ Engineering, Miami.
Head fitted with custom stainless steel valve
HKS 264degree Camshafts
AEM Vernier Gears

Block overbored 0.030" (85 mm bore)
J.E. Forged Pistons 0.030" over
Total Seal Rings (chrome face top rings)
Crower Connecting Rods & Bolts
Stock Crank Shaft
ARP Head Studs
ARP Crank Studs
Balance Shafts Removed
Stock Oil Pump
Max RPM 8,500
Turbonetics T6 6 Turbo ( Secret Specs)
Rear End, Ford 9" 4.8 ratio
XS Engineering Intercooler
Turbonetics Race Gate
Mc Cloud Clutch, 10" adjustable single disc
Island Empire Aluminum Drive-Shaft
Rear Slicks - 31 x 14 -15
Front tyres - 4.5 x 24.5 -15
Weldon Fuel Pump
SX Filters
SX Fuel Pressure Regulator
Harwood Fuel Cell

Engine Management:

SDS (Simple Digital System) by Racetech in Canada
Model- EM-2 Fuel Management

Oxygen Sensor (not used)
4 x 930cc. R.C. Engineering Injectors
Hall Sensor Magnet crank trigger.
Fuel and Ignition handled by ECU (adjusted by hand held programmer)
Crane HI-6DI2 Ignition with optional manual retard for nos.
Moroso 11mm Ignition Wires
NGK R6254E-9 Plugs
C16 Fuel

Manager:- Brendan Garcia
Chief:- David Andrews
Randy Gibbon
Marcus Gibbon
Mukesh Mahadeo
Gregory Quintyne

Fastest E.T 8.943 @ 146.57 mph
60ft @ 1.384 sec's.
Thanks to His Sponsers:
United Bearings (SKF), United Coatings (Hempel) and Parts World.

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