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Welcome to the TriniTuner gallery.
Here you will find some decent rides that our roving camera man
spotted for you to enjoy. These are daily driven rides
of Trinidadians & Tobagonians who take pride in dey ride.

B13 SENTRA civic coupe amplifiers in the engine area charmant burning out
low pickup TYPE R TYPE R TYPE R
white lancer drop low and loud yellow EVO black lancer black lancer - american racing rims
B14 Sentra 318i BMW miata silver lancer
civic on oz racing civic on oz racing SOHC VTEC PC Blue Lancer
Primera Supra - multi colour Maska Yellow Civic Yellow Evolve March
250gsxrr a fellow reader sent us this pic of his car White 300ZX 3rd Gen Rx7 - multi colour
Chris Yellow Civic LA Blues Lancer and Bike More pics
comin soon


Team CIL in their Rally prepped Accent
Click here to download

BigBoyzToyz at Reform Rally
Click here to download

Roger Williams' 323 Turbo 4WD @ Solodex V
Click here to download

Inside Cary's GSR @ Solodex V
Click here to download

Barry Mykoo's manual EXI @ Solodex V
Click here to download

Inside ToySport Corolla @ Solodex V
Click here to download

Ryan Pinheiro's 305 PUG spinout @ Solodex V
Click here to download

Crisitian in Rikard's SiR @ Solodex V
Click here to download

Richard takes a spin @ Solodex V
Click here to download

ToySport Corolla from the outside
Click here to download

Crism Type-R @ Solodex V
Click here to download

Khan & Ramsingh @ Reform Rally
Click here to download

Wayne & Gibbon @ Reform Rally
Click here to download

Nanan takes a corner @ Reform Rally
Click here to download

The Supra takes win this time in a brilliant comeback!
Click here to download

Daniel Ramoutarsingh ripping up the track in his Evo VI
Click here to download

A REAL Type R Civic in Trinidad on the circuit track
Click here to download

Larry and his wife doin a MEGA burn out
Click here to download

Tweety Too heating up the track
Click here to download

Yuri's Civic and Sean's 300Zx
Click here to download

1200 vs. Richard in his civic
Click here to download

This is what it looks like comin down the 1/4 Mile in a EVO4.
Click here to download

TriniTuner 120Y GT-R ripping up the track
Click here to download

Yuri's Civic and Andy's 4WD SSS
Click here to download

Daniel's Evo VI takes on Ryan's Supra
Click here to download

Turbo Sunny vs. Swift
Click here to download

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Better grab that Armor All and keep that chamois cloth close at hand cause the TriniTuner roving camera man jes set out to capture the baddest, fastest, most slam rides in T&T. Who knows, could be yours on the pages of TriniTuner.com next!
Or send us some mail and we can put your ride right in the gallery for the world to see.
As an incentive (as if Trinis need ah incentive to make dey car look pretty), TriniTuner.com will be running free giveaways in the near future to car owners who's rides appear in the gallery. So go shine up now now now.


comin soon - all rides in the showcase to be tested with G-Tech Pro Performance Meter and results posted!
1/4 Mile ET | Top speed | Trap Speed | Braking Distance | G-Force | Horsepower | 0-60 ET

TriniTuner.com™ has been given authorization to test with
the G-Tech Pro Performance Meter by Tesla Electronics


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