Cars & Coffee Houston

Cars & Coffee Houston

It’s the last one for the year…and the decade if you think about it. This one was a tribute to all things Prancing Horse as well as a time to give back to a worthy cause, a toy drive for those kids in need. And boy was there was alot of red…..lots of red. I’ll admit that some of the machinery I thought would come didn’t….but what came was almost a montage thru the years.

458 to 355 to 599 to 360 to 430…and then the 308 and the Mondial, not forgetting the F12. If you were a Ferrari fan, there was much to be happy about. However, just as it happened decades ago, the brand from across town wasn’t to be left out. It was a Prancing Horse event but those Raging Bulls came out to represent. There were Aventadors and Huracans…..a few of which were twin turbo….if you knew where to look. A pair of the new Aston DBS, both hard and soft top, some Mercs, two Jaguar E Types, the soft top hiding in the car park. New Toyota Supras….yup, about 4. Some Vipers were sprinkled around as well

A village of Civic Type Rs, The Dodge Ram family and benefiting from that 25 year rule..R32.GTRs. Something tells me more will be on the way, like the other Japanese gems, the FC and GTO that were also in attendance. Corvettes, Raptors and Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers…it was all in there. Hell….there were even a pair of the new Hennessey Maximus Jeep Gladiators…!

With the new Decade just around the corner, one could only imagine who’s Christmas bonus is going to be parked up for display for all to see.

This event was also extra special to me as my dad rolled with me since we changed addresses. He was like a kid at Christmas. As always, the full album could be seen on

….till next time.

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