Rally Trinidad 2019: Friday Night

Rally Trinidad 2019: Friday Night

Rally Trinidad 2019 has begun and what a start. Fans were treated to a great display of driving from not only all the competitors, but also from the Drift guys, the karters and two circuit machines.

Team Jamaica is having a blast here already, and would be looking to put their stamp on the stages tomorrow. All well and good but the two past winners have no intention of just letting them have it.

Before things got under way sadly, Club President suffered drivetrain issues and thus any chance of placing for overall was out. And to think the hard part comes in a few hours.

This is just a preview of things to come, as a ton more pics will be added over the course of the next few days.

For anyone looking on how to take in the action live, the link I posted and is on the Rally Trinidad page should sort you out.

Hope to see you on the stages in a few, Bronte in the morning, Cedar Hill in the afternoon.

….bring orn the dust…!

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