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Trini Performance Events

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2001 Events

Sunday School - 4th November 2001 (Click for more)
Warner's Nauti D Supra vs. Aboud's 2ndGen7 Turbo and lots more grudges...

7th AutoSport Drags 2001 - 14th October 2001 (Click for more)
So what's the status of the 2001 Championship up to this point? Well there are two drivers with unassailable leads, who can comfortably be confirmed as Champions in their respective classes.

Street car racing - 13th October 2001 (Click for more)
On Saturday, AutoSport installed the timing system and invited all to find out how fast their cars really were.

AutoSport Drags Preview - 14th October 2001 (Click for more)
Drag Racing competitors are sharpening their swords to engage in battle this coming weekend.
New this Saturday,
for a small fee, Autosport will be offering timing for as many passes as you wish...

Solodex VI- The Grand Finale - 7th October 2001 (Click for more)
This year's championship season lived up to everyone's expectations by providing even more head-to head excitement than last year.

Sunday School - 23rd September 2001 (Click for more)
Official Gangster Boys Drags was cancelled but apparently the news did not reach the masses. Everybody was there - Look at People!!!!!!

Sunday School - 16th September 2001 (Click for more)
So we ventured on to the drag strip and as usual there was a crowd of spectators, racers and otherwise "peongs" enjoying some sunday racing in between the intermitant showers.

Solodex V- The calm before the storm - 2nd September 2001 (Click for more)
So just why would 29 individuals on a cool Sunday morning get up and head to Santa Rosa Carpark? I mean Sunday is to sleep late, and relax, but Solodex just nullifies that!

Karting @ Solodex - 2nd September 2001 (Click for more)
Check out the karting that took place after last weekend's Solodex Event.

6th AutoSport Drags 2001 - 26th August 2001 (Click for more)
Drag Racing fans were treated to a day of thrilling competition at the sixth Championship Event staged at the AutoDrome this past weekend.

AutoSport Drags Preview - 26th August 2001 (Click for more)
As usual, the big guns will again be attempting to claim top honours and most interestingly one is still to identify the driver with a major advantage to date.

SKF Turns Heads @ Moroso, Florida - 12th August 2001 (Click for more)
Even with the odds against him at the First Annual Hurricane Internationals at Moroso Speedway in Florida last weekend, Ryan managed to create quite a stir. He earned himself a 4th place finish in his class while producing a 8.890 @154.63 mph E.T.

Monster Truck Madness - 12th August 2001 (Click for more)
Here are the facts: there are monster trucks and there are MONSTER TRUCKS.
The "Real" Monsters mashed up the Wallerfield Racing Circuit powered by 1500hp+, alcohol fueled engines.

AutoFlex 2001 @ Pier2 - 5th August 2001 (Click for more)
If you're an AutoTrax fan then your birthday and Christmas take second place to their most important date of the year: AutoFLEX 2001 @ Pier 2.

Zacx Co. @ Center of Excellence - 5th August 2001 (Click for more)
The loudest car show ever, did exactly what it said on the fliers. The best of the best cars under one roof, as well as enough trini beauties to keep everyone camping for hours.

Maska Car Show and Bang Out - 29th July 2001 (Click for more)
Hundreds of people and tons of cars showed up last Sunday and it looked like everyone went home more than happy, including us.

5th AutoSport Drags 2001 - 22nd July 2001 (Click for more)
Drag Racing fans were treated to a day of thrilling competition at the fifth Championship Event staged at the AutoDrome this past weekend.

AutoSport Drags - Dial-Up Drags - Saturday 21st July 2001 (Click for more)
Saturday's Dial-Up events are becoming mainstay, check out the highlights.

Sunday School - 15th July2001 (Click for more)
With more and more serious street racers coming up to Wallerfield on Sunday the action seems to be non-stop. Have a grudge to settle or a point to prove?? Well this is your proving ground.

$hel$hok's Street Legal Drag Racing - 8th July 2001 (Click for more)
While the car count was rather light, as was the crowd, drivers proved that they can still put on a great fight as the racing action was tight with some solid runs despite the tricky starting system.

Solodex IV 2001 - 8th July 2001 (Click for more)
There were Lancer MX Saloons, Chevy Joys, tame Civics and even the odd Mini and Sunny in the action. Some drivers took the opportunity to push their cars to the limit of cornering and adhesion. There were lots of spin-outs that wowed the small crowd.

Big Boyz Toyz Stages Rally @ Reform - 1st July 2001 (Click for more)
The relatively low cane allowed for fine viewing of almost the entire course from the surrounding hills, however most of the fanatical spectators opted for the hands-on approach and braved the course itself, occupying corners that they felt would have the most action.

4th AutoSport Drags 2001 - 24th June 2001 (Click for more)
The fourth AutoSport Drag Racing Event was successfully staged this weekend at the AutoDrome at Waller Field with the biggest turnout of motor sport enthusiasts enjoying a full day of excitement in some of the best weather conditions for Drag Racing.

23rd Rallye National Madinina - June 2001 (Click for more from Rallymac Motors)
Trini Rally Team Stands Out!!! - Now firmly fixed as one of the most hotly contested in the region, the high standard of cars seen in action were a motor-sport buffs dream to behold when they all assembled at the start at Le Garage Hyundai, Martinique.

Sunday School - 10th June 2001 (Click for more)
The crowds keep getting bigger and bigger every Sunday at wallerfield. As racers get off the street and take to the track, racing your daily driver here is safer and "hassle" free.

Speed Promotions Circuit Racing - 27th May 2001 (Click for more)
Despite a favorable spectator turn out, the driver turn out was not as good due mainly to mechanical gremlins. The driving conditions changed between very wet and damp which guaranteed action and ample opportunity to show off driving technique.

Solodex III 2001 - 20th May 2001 (Click for more)
The course for SoloDex III 2001 was very fast with sub-44 second runs. It proved to be extremely challenging with two slalom straights.

Gayaz Rajab Memorial 1000k Rally (Wallerfield Stage) - 6th May 2001 (Click for more)
The day started off quite good with some very fast runs by most competitors but by the second stage disaster struck when a fire broke out under the hood of Erica Dinoo's Turbo Starlet.

3rd AutoSport Drags 2001 - Sunday 29th April 2001 (Click for more)
The third in the series of AutoSport Drag Racing at the AutoDrome saw the much needed rainfall landing straight on the Race track.

AutoSport Drags - Dial-Up Drags - Saturday 28th April 2001 (Click for more)
The Saturday Street Class competition saw some fifteen cars jumping into the fray. This Dial-up challenge continues to generate some incredible interest.

T& T Karting Association - 22nd April 2001 (Click for more)
The Karting Association staged another successful daylight event at the Center of Excellence in Macoya.

Speed Promotions Circuit Racing - 8th April 2001 (Click for more)
Congratulations are in order for the organizers at Speed Promotion for their first event of the Carib Stock Car Racing Series 2001. The event was well attended and the race program was tight with no noticeable voids.

SoloDex II 2001 - Sunday 25th March 2001 (Click for more)
This event's course was notably faster than usual but it was also a longer course with times averaging 1 minute for a good run. This made the competition very fierce. Check out the action

2nd AutoSport Drags 2001 - Sunday 11th March 2001 (Click for more)
Attracting a wide cross section of Motor Sport enthusiasts, and even some from the Grenada Motor Club, the days Racing saw some new winners emerging with only three drivers maintaining an unbeaten record at this point.

AutoSport Drags - Dial-Up Drags - Saturday 10th March 2001 (Click for more)
The second for 2001, Saturday's Dial-Up events seem to be growing in popularity, check out the highlights.

Sneak Peek - SKF Lancer Dyno Test - March 2001 (Click for more)
Take a sneak peek at the SKF Lancer's engine being dyno tested at their shop in Trinidad.

It's "Showtime" in Grenada - 18th February 2001 (Click for more)
The TriniTuner Crew and a team of six cars and drivers, accompanied by a large Drag-Racing Trini-Posse contingent made the week-end trip to Grenada one to remember for a long time.

Sunday School - 11th February 2001 (Click for more)
It seems every Sunday at Wallerfield is an event, tune in to the action.

AutoSport Drags - Season Premier 2001 - Sunday 28th January 2001 (Click for more)
At their first Drag Racing Event on Sunday, AutoSport held possibly one of the best all-inclusive family entertainment Events in this Carnival season. The thousands who turned up for a truly thrilling day of Drag Racing excitement certainly had their fill.

AutoSport Drags - Dial-Up Drags - Saturday 27th January 2001 (Click for more)
The first for 2001, Saturday's Dial-Up events seem to be growing in popularity, check out the highlights.

2001 SoloDex 1 - 14th January 2001 (Click for more)
CARS has started the 2001 race shedule off with a bang. Though many of our fellow racers and enthusiasts were busy feteing at UWI, many die hards and several new comers made it to Arima Race Course on Sunday for Solodex 1.

Sunday School > Rich Boy Drags - 14th January 2001 (Click for more)
It seems every Sunday at Wallerfield is an event, tune in to the action.

Trinidad Tobago Rally Club Calendar Of Events 2001 (Click for more)
The first event for 2001 will be the TSTT Rally and Treasure Hunt will take place on January 28th, 2001. The event will be open to all novices and experienced rallists and it would be for championship points.


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